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Facebook Fans! Have you downloaded your freebie yet? If you missed that link, I have a little tip so you don’t miss anymore…

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The fan freebie I posted on Monday expires after tomorrow (Friday) so don’t wait!


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Music Theory – Made Fun!

One of my favorite online resource websites is Ear Training and Improv by Kristin Jensen. Kristin has created the Ultimate Music Theory Worksheet guide.

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This includes over 25 free printable worksheets that you can download and use with your students. She has even gone the extra mile and included different activities and ideas you can use these worksheets with your student during their lesson.

You will find worksheets under Note Identification, Rhythm, Major Scales, Circle of 5th’s, Intervals, Half and Whole Steps, Treble and Bass Clef notes and the Music Alphabet.

The worksheets are clever, well thought out and very useful. I had to laugh when I came across the rhythm “bed head” worksheet. Click here for the Ultimate Music Theory Worksheet Guide.

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Kristin has also published a scale book that you might not be aware of. Piano Scales Make Piano Magic: Fun and Innovative System for Teaching Piano Scales to Kids

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Piano Scales Make Piano Magic introduces 4 friends: Max, The Magician’s Rabbit, Lucy and Alberti the Great. These 4 magical friends guide students in creating “magic” at the piano. Students will learn their Major and Minor Scales and Arpeggios. Included as a bonus with the book is online training videos to help create fun songs using the scales and chords they are learning. Also included is a scale from under the sea and easy chords. To see sample pages and order Piano Scales Make Piano Magic, click here.

If you haven’t visited Kristin’s website before, you must also check out all her Improv and Ear Training resources. She even has some fun composition starter worksheets that I would recommend checking out. Kristin makes Improv and Ear Training simple and fun!

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Venturing Beyond Winner…

Congratulations we have a 


Beverly Conway is the lucky recipient of Nicole’s book, Venturing Beyond. Enjoy Beverly!

Please take a moment to visit Nicole’s website here.  Venturing Beyond is available for your students to enjoy by purchasing on SheetMusicPlus.

And thank you for the 2 free downloads to all teachers. If you missed those, be sure to check them out here.

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Reach Beyond the Stars- Student Booklets

I just picked up my order of the student booklets for the Reach Beyond the Stars program. They look so good!


I thought I would share my printing instructions to my printer in case you wanted to do your booklets like these. (Other options include comb binding and 3-hole punch for binders)

Saddle stitch staple binding

Front cover- Reach Beyond the Stars Student BkCover.pdf

Inside cover- Planet Practice Chart.pdf

(Inside pages will be back to back…)

Page 1- Reach Beyond the Stars Advancement Log.pdf

Page 2- Reach Beyond the Stars Mission Overview.pdf

Page 3-5- Mission Assignments.pdf

Page 6+ (however many weeks you have lessons in your studio…) Reach Beyond the Stars Assignment Sheet.pdf

Back inside cover- Attitude Poster with Music Border.pdf (page 2 only) (This is a free file you can download here. I always include it every year.)

Back cover- 2014-2015 Foxx Piano Studio Calendar.pdf (I also include a studio calendar every year for my students)


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Milestone Celebration!


Whoohoo! I’m excited to announce that I have officially reached my first TpT milestone. I have reached and surpassed 100 followers! Thank you so much if you are one of them! To celebrate I will be giving a two-part freebie. One will be posted on Facebook for all my Facebook fans and TpT followers. The 2nd one will only be posted for TpT followers. This is something you will be able to use with the first freebie, so if you are not a follower yet, I am giving you advance notice to follow by tomorrow morning because once the note goes out, it only goes out to my current followers. TpT followers be sure to check your TpT inbox tomorrow morning for your freebie! (It will be available in my store- but free for TpT followers)

I will post the first freebie on Facebook later today. I’m taking my daughter to hopefully get her license. It was a two hour wait when we tried Friday so we are trying again today, hopefully with better luck. Then later this afternoon I’ll share the freebie. Tomorrow I’ll post the TpT freebie to give others a chance to join in.

Thank you for making this celebration happen!


Winner for The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting


We have a winner! The lucky recipient who will receive a copy of The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting is…




Congratulations Rhoda, Lisa should be contacting you soon. Thank you Lisa for the giveaway!

This book is a great resource that would be valuable for all teachers and their students who enjoy creating their own music. You can purchase The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting as a paperback or kindle edition here. Be sure like The Young Musician’s Guide to Songwriting on Facebook too!


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