Stress Free Business Practices… Webinar

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I really like the word stress free. Even better then the word is the feeling. Combine that word with the topic of running a piano studio business and what do you get? A great webinar by Wendy Stevens. Best Stress-free Business Practices for the Piano  Studio is coming soon to your living room! Wendy Stevens is known for her great tips on running a piano studio. And now she wants to help even more teachers become stress free while doing what you do best- TEACH.

Wendy invites you to attend her webinar…

Anyone who attends will learn:

-How to actually make a living teaching piano
-Figure out what a reasonable rate is
-Get paid the same amount every month no matter how many lessons are in the month
-What really happens when you don’t raise your rates yearly
-Eliminate makeup lessons without a revolt
-Deal creatively with the over-scheduled student
-Take off time for illness and snow days without losing income
-Special offers and a freebie will be given to anyone who stays live to the end.
-And many more general teaching tips will also be included.


New music will be unveiled and a free gift given to live attendees!

The great thing about webinars (besides listening from the comfort of your own home) is they can also be recorded. Wendy’s webinar will be recorded and available for a limited time after the air date for registered teachers in case you cannot attend both days live. Teachers need to only pay one price for both days!

You can find all the detailed information on how to register for the Webinar here. But wait! Before you go…. Wendy has offered my readers a $10 off coupon (good through July 18th) when you use this code: “JenniferFoxx

Okay, now go check it out!

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