Reach Beyond the Stars Badges

I just finished up my first order of Reach Beyond the Stars badges and getting ready to ship them off to the teacher and her students! So excited! Students will earn these badges as they advance ranks.

Reach Beyond the Stars Badges

1st badge order

When you purchase the Reach Beyond the Stars Practice Incentive Program, you have the option to make your own badges for your students or order them. If you decide to order them through me (you will see ordering details when you purchase the program), please give me a good 2-3 week notice before you need them. Depending on your studio size, they can take me quite a bit of time to make.

More tips with this program will be shared throughout the year since this is the program that I will be using this year with my own students. Stay tuned.



8 thoughts on “Reach Beyond the Stars Badges

  1. I look forward to the updates. I plan on doing this incentive in my studio next year since I had ready chosen my incentive for this year when I saw your posts about this. 🙂

  2. Hi Berdie, if you don’t have a badge maker you have a few options…

    1) Order the badges from me (see the Note to Teacher file for details. If you order from me be sure to give me a minimum of a 2 week notice before you need them as it takes me a few days to get them made depending on the size of your order.)

    2) Order them from an online badge maker company (I’ve priced it out online and I pretty much am beating anything that is out there so teachers can save.)

    3) You can order these: I would also recommend getting a circle cutter. The Amazon badge’s are plastic so they aren’t as good quality and they will be slightly smaller then the one’s I make. For just a tad bit more I can save you time and money with better quality buttons (mine are the typical metal buttons).

    4) A non-button option- cut them out, laminate them and safety pin them on.

    Hope that helps!

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