Free Daily Giveaway from Jerald Simon

Jerald Simon is holding a FREE Daily Giveaway  for the next two months (August and September) where he is giving away a FREE album download (MP3) of his latest album, Sweet Serenity, and a complete PDF bundle package of my Cool Songs for Cool Kids Series. That is a giveaway every single day!

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 11.24.42 AM

You can learn more about this giveaway by visiting this link: Sweet Serenity  You can listen to a few of the “minus tracks” from the Primer Level book as well. The “minus tracks” from all of the piano solos in the Primer Level book will be available next week – they will be free downloads for anyone who has purchased the “Cool Songs for Cool Kids” books.

Jerald is in the process of creating all of the “minus tracks” for all of the pieces from the series and will come out with those in the next few months. Feel free to share!

I have several reviews on Jerald’s music that you might want to check out.

Cool Songs for Cool Kids Series

Jazzed about 4th of July

Jazzed about Christmas


The Dawn of a New Age

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