$2 Tuesday!

Instead of “Tech Tuesday” it’s $2 Tuesday today! Today only, over on TpT one of my new games is on sale for 50% off!


The Turkey Lurkey Musical Math game covers addition, substraction, multiplication and division! A great way to review rhythms and applying it to math!

Another one you might enjoy in November is Turkey Scales!

Check out all the musical goodies offered by teachers by going to TpT and searching for $2TuesdayMusicFlashSale.

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2 thoughts on “$2 Tuesday!

  1. I am feeling sad because I just tried to order Turkey Lurkey Musical Math game at the special $2.00 price and TPT would not allow me to because a notice said that the minimum amount of an order must be $3.00. I only want this game and do not wish to order anything else. I feel cheated. Is there a way around this?

    • Hi Lavinia, unfortunately TpT requires a $3 minimum purchase. It’s silly, I know. Not sure why they do that. However, I would highly recommend my Boo! game. It’s a quick 5 min. game you can do with your students at their lesson. It’s easy and fun! Just a suggestion for you… 😉

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