Tech Tuesday: How long will apps really last?

So yesterday I received an email from the creators of KinderBach. They were giving the unfortunate news that the KinderBach app had to be discontinued in the app store due to the latest iOS update. They explained because Apple doesn’t give a heads up on changes, it would be way way to expensive to keep it updated. Kinderbach said, “The quote for the changes is, frankly, out of our budget and unreasonable when we know that Apple could change the operating system and we would be back at square one. We are at the mercy of Apple’s whims on this point.”

I was saddened to read this news because I enjoy having the KinderBach app as a resource on my iPad. It is a great app my younger students enjoy occasionally, full of video’s and games! All the videos and games are available online but you need to have an online membership to access them. (Which by the way is discounted right now) I don’t use them often enough to have a membership.

So this got me thinking… How long will apps really last? Is this their fate eventually? And if so, how long? The KinderBach app is not that old. Maybe 2-3 years? If the creator simply doesn’t have the budget to keep up with the continued changes (and as we all know, it is constant) then eventually they have to shut it down.

So enjoy your favorite apps to the fullest, because you never know when it won’t be available again.

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One thought on “Tech Tuesday: How long will apps really last?

  1. It is really true, and not just about the iPad apps…I’ve encountered this situation in the Android market when upgrading my android phones which naturally run the most current operating system.

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