Making a List… Checking it Twice… Linky Party!

Tomorrow begins an exciting event! It’s the TpT Cyber Monday Sale! Everything will be up to 28% off when you use the promo code: TPTCYBER

sale_250_120So to help you with your wish lists, I am linking up with Amy Abbott over at Music a la Abbott for the Rockin’ Resources Linky Party along with some other TpT music teachers and sharing some of my favorite things…

Linky Party Promo.001

Part of the linky party is to blog about one product of your own and two by other TpT sellers. So first I thought I would share one of my products that I haven’t talked much about because I’ve been focusing a lot on what I’m doing this year. One of my past incentive programs I did several years ago was Magic of Music. This program was so fun to do and the students loved it! Students focus on having 5 star pieces throughout the year with this program. They main areas of focus was Rhythm, Notes, Dynamics, Articulation and Artistry. At the end of the year I hired a magician to come out to our party and entertain. It truly was a magical year for students!

Magic of Music CollageI’m planning on doing a little facelift on this one later this year. If interested, you can purchase it now while it’s on sale, then when I do the facelift, you just re-download and have the update. 🙂

This year as you know we are doing the theme Reach Beyond the Stars. I shared some resources that I’ve used with my students but haven’t shared this one yet. Treble Wars and Bass Wars by Jena Hudson.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.08.52 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.10.28 PMTreble Wars and Bass Wars are fun worksheets students can do reviewing their treble and bass clef notes. From naming notes, labeling, matching, finding out a mystery word or message, coloring and more! Students will be so busy having fun with these worksheets that they won’t realize they are doing theory!

The worksheets are in a Star Wars theme which works out perfectly with our program this year. You can have students do them during a class setting, lab setting or give them as a take home assignment.

Another TpT product from another store that I wanted to feature was from Student Savvy, Around the World Music Unit. As you know I have really enjoyed creating Christmas Around the World this year for my students. It was really fun learning about Christmas traditions from around the world. So when I came across Around the World Music Unit from Student Savvy, I had to snag it thinking it might make a great resource for summer camp this year! This unit includes read and learn pages with video clips you can share with your students. My favorite is the “what I learned” recall pages. It also includes worksheets of exploring musicians/instruments/songs, listening activities, test your knowledge activities, and flashcards for the classroom. I cannot wait to use this resource!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.19.01 PMSo start making those lists and checking it twice! The Cyber Monday sale begins tomorrow! Happy Shopping!


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