Special and Giveaway!, an A+ online conference is coming to a computer near you! Beginning in February teachers will be able to sit back and listen to over a dozen nationally recognized presenters share topics that will benefit all.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.39.05 AMI am excited because I have been asked to return and present for this conference again this year. My topic this year is one that I know teachers can really benefit from as it is the #1 topic that comes up over and over on message boards, Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking to It. In this presentation I will be going over creating a policy that you can stick to and tips and tricks and how to respond to those families that like to “test” your policies. You can see the details of all the other presentations here.

Michelle Sisler, Chief Manager for Keys to Imagination, LLC is offering both a discount code AND a giveaway for my readers! Until December 31st, you can save $20 off a Full-Access OR Replay Pass by entering the code, FPS.

The giveaway is for a replay pass (Access on-demand session videos and the exhibit hall anytime after the conference until December 31, 2015). This is a $99 value. The cool thing is you don’t have to wait until the giveaway to take advantage of the discount. If you win Michelle will refund your registration fee! So go ahead and take advantage of registering here and saving $20.00 by entering the code, FPS by December 31st.

To enter the giveaway I want to know what YOU want to hear in my presentation. Do you have a certain family that likes to test your policies? Maybe certain situations that you are not sure how to handle (what if…), ideas on what to include in your policy, etc. Comment below with something you would like to hear in my presentation. Looking forward in seeing your comments. (Deadline to enter is also Dec. 31st)


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17 thoughts on “ Special and Giveaway!

  1. I’m interested in including a section on practice requirements in my studio policy – what is practical, standard, demonstrates teacher expectations without scaring away potential students, etc.

  2. I would like to hear discussion about balancing a strict enough policy to protect ourselves while also not coming across as too militant. Also suggestions on how to make sure they actually read it! Thanks for having this giveaway.

  3. My biggest problem is late payments. I have in my policy a deadline and late fee, but then since I don’t actually see parents very often (especially with older students) I’ve never been able to enforce it and the late payments continue.

  4. For the first time this year I determined annual tuition and divided it by the number of months of lessons for equal payments. Since I took more vacation and holiday weeks off in the first 4 months of the year, those who are starting now are having to pay quite a bit more than the monthly tuition when I prorate the remaining tuition and have them pay any difference for the first month so that they remaining months will all be the same as my regular monthly tuition. Any ideas of how to avoid this sizeable (somewhat shocking) first monthly payment under these circumstances? If I don’t charge this, my per lesson rate plummets for the rest of the year. This is an understandable turnoff to new students even though I do my best to explain that they are getting MORE lessons in the 2nd half of the year.

  5. I would love to have a good response to the “we need to take a break from piano” out-of-the-blue thunderbolt. By a good response, I guess I mean a reasoned response which makes them rethink the decision in terms of effects on progress (they always say “we’ll keep playing”), or a reasoned response which makes them see the huge financial repercussions for ME, the piano-teacher-they-take-for-granted. I always tell them that I can’t guarantee a spot will be available when they return, etc., etc., but I’d like something with more impact.

  6. I haven’t “been” to this conference before so would love to win a spot as an attendee. I am one of the few teachers in my area with a studio policy so families are a little surprised when I begin to discuss this topic. But I am always looking for new ideas to put in mine. Looking forward to being able to listen to the presenters.

  7. Parents like to push exams like ABRSM. I would love to hear how you discourage/tell a parent that their child is not ready or doesn’t seem to have the drive/ time, etc. (Notice I did not say talent or ability, though those are iimportant too! 🙂

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