Valentines Freebie coming…

Yesterday I noticed that I am so close to having 800 Facebook followers! So glad to have you following! If you aren’t following yet, how about we get that to 800 likes and I’ll do a valentine freebie you can use with you beginner students? Click here to follow.

The freebie will be posted on the Facebook page when we get there so make sure under the ‘like’ button you click on “get notifications” and “following” so you will be notified when it’s available to download!

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.47.21 AMThank you for following and enjoy the Super Bowl today! It’s here in my hometown, where I grew up! Though I’m wondering if the SeaHawks and Patriots brought in some of their weather with them when they came. I woke up to not being able to see most of my neighborhood. It’s like a cloud sitting on the ground. Hope it lifts soon! Enjoy those commercials too!

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