Music Connections

music (custom design)

This morning I had an appointment at a medical office. The front desk is always an interesting thing (regardless of where), the person is either friendly or not very friendly. Honestly I don’t understand why the “not friendly” get hired for a front desk position but that’s another topic…

Anyway, upon checking in, the lady at the front desk was in the category of not very friendly. Which wasn’t great because I was already having a little bit of anxiety with this appointment. But something interesting happened. About 1/2 hour later after checking in, she called me up about insurance stuff and while I was standing there she asked if I was a piano teacher. (I was wearing a piano teacher t-shirt). When I said “yes”, her entire demeanor changed. All of the sudden she was pleasant. She then talked about how she was just talking to her Mom on the phone yesterday about wishing she learned to play and so on…

Which made me think of how music simply connects us. Regardless of experience or lack thereof (which was in her case), there is something about it that makes us feel connected.

What kind of music connections have you noticed in your life that maybe surprised you?

4 thoughts on “Music Connections

  1. I continue to be surprised at how many adults (age 20-90) share with me that they “always wish that they had learned to play”. We have such great jobs, to be able to help people realize their life-long dreams!

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