Celebrating MIOSM!

March is Music in our Schools Month and music teachers on TpT are celebrating in a big way! Each week this month, you will receive a FREE e-book chalk full of free musical goodies you can enjoy! So keep your eye out!

This week we are celebrating with a Rhythm e-book. This is the book I contributed in. Thank you to Amy Abbott for being such a great editor and putting this book together for all the contributors so you to enjoy! Click on the picture below to download. Remember to leave some kind feedback when you download each.



Kicking off MIOSM, yesterday I posted some free bookmarks you can give to your students. If you haven’t downloaded them yet, you can do so here or by clicking the picture below. Remember to leave some feedback.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.02.04 AMEnjoy MIOSM!

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