Tech Tuesday: Video Lesson Example

About 6 months ago, I posted about the different options my parents have to take advantage of when they miss a lesson as I do not give makeups. (You can read the post here if you missed it) This month is spring break month. I have students that have different spring break weeks spread throughout the month. So I have suggested to my families that if their spring break is a different week than the studio spring break, they request a video lesson.

I’ve had a few teachers inquire a little more about this option trying to visualize exactly what it is. So I decided I would download an example for you to watch. My video lessons are a little different than some others that have been suggested. For example, Wendy Stevens has students email her their practicing and she gives them feedback either in written form or in video form.

What I like to do instead is video myself (I just use my iPad- super easy and quick to upload to an unlisted link on YouTube) giving a lesson as if the student was here with me (but they aren’t) so I’m talking to them in the video. This will allow them to polish up what they were working on the previous week and then be able to move on for the week they missed. If I already don’t have a copy of their last assignment page, I just have them text or email me a picture of it.

The example I’m giving you is for a student who is just learning the notes on the staff. She started in Pianimals Book B (off staff- letter names) and we are just starting in Book C. I hope this gives you a better idea of what a video lesson is at least in my studio.


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On another note: If you have purchased Group Made Fun: Conducting Basics, I updated links and added a powerpoint version as well. Be sure you click here and re-download.

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4 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Video Lesson Example

  1. Thank you for the video example Do you use a video camera or your iPad to record? Which book are you using from the “Learning Fro Little Fingers Publications”? I would like to start doing this as just had two sisters who cannot make it today because of sickness. UGH!

    • Hi Angela, I’m just using my iPad. Makes it super easy to upload directly to YouTube. I send it as an unlisted link. The book I’m using in this video is actually from Pianimals, it is book C. I will actually be doing a review in the next month for Learning for Little Fingers Publications. So stay tuned on that.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your Tech lessons. I’ve learned so much.

    I have a question. I am looking for a post before Christmas that I think might have been yours. It had to do with making a YouTube video (I think using Capture) with a bar code to give to parents. It was spelled out perfectly and I’m just now needing it. Was that you? and if so where is it? If not do you have a clue as to it could have been?

    Thank you again, Virginia


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