Review: Pronto Pizazz

What is better than some great piano solo’s? Great solos that have pizazz of course!

Jennifer Eklund of Piano Pronto has a book for your students that if you don’t already have you will want to grab it now! Pronto Pizazz is written for your early elementary to elementary students. First, the cover is absolutely beautiful with exciting colors and design that pop with pizazz! Inside your students will be able to enjoy 16 easy contemporary solos. You will find fun rhythms and various styles of music.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.33.15 PMThese solos are so fun to play but what makes Pronto Pizazz the book to have is truly the teacher duets that are included with every piece. Jennifer understands that the accompaniments are just as important as the solos. They can help the solos sound even more rich and stylistic. As Jennifer has said in different showcases that I’ve attended “I want to open young ears up to fresh, contemporary harmonies beyond the standard primary triads found in a lot of beginning level teacher accompaniments and also to syncopated rhythms so they can start internalizing common beat patterns.”

No more ‘oom-pah-pah’ accompaniments. Students can now play along with rich melodies and harmonies! Matter of fact, these teacher accompaniments can stand totally on their own as well. I have even used one with a student to learn as a supplementary solo piece for fun. There is another piece that I’m seriously thinking of having a student play the teacher part as their solo for the spring recital! Jennifer has even mentioned the teacher accompaniments are also great sight-reading material for intermediate students.

Who knew that you can get so much bang for your buck? Seriously! It’s pretty amazing! As with all of Jennifer Eklund’s music, you can see every page of Pronto Pizazz and listen to every piece in the book at

Jennifer Eklund has graciously offered to give away 5 copies (hard copies if in the US, digital if not) of Pronto Pizazz! To enter leave a comment below by Tuesday, March 10th; 10:00pm (AZ MST). Good luck! GIVEAWAY HAS EXPIRED

83 thoughts on “Review: Pronto Pizazz

  1. I have heard so much about Jennifer’s music, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. Would love to win this music!

    • I haven’t used this book yet but I would love too. Please pick me if you can. I am fast becoming a fan of the Jennifer music and have been introducing it to my students in Cincinnati. I would love a copy of this book. Thank you so much!!

  2. I love playing duets with my students! It really helps them to keep a steady beat and enriches the sound. It would be a perfect addition to my music library!

  3. I once gained a transfer student who told me that her previous teacher *never* played the teacher duet. Ever since then, I’ve committed to play nearly every teacher duet part with my students. This book looks like it has wonderful teacher parts that would sound even better than what’s out there now. Thanks!

  4. i love Jennier Eklund’s music. Her teacher duet parts help even my newest students play with more musical expression. I’d love to win her new book!

  5. I’m using Piano Pronto with some of my students now and absolutely love it! I would love to win this book!

  6. I started switching my students over to Piano Pronto, and I’m having tremendous success! Yesterday, one little boy told a prospective student’s grandfather, “There’s just so many fun songs in here that I love to play!”.
    I’d love to add this book to my studio… Wait, no… I NEEEED to add this book to my studio. 😉

  7. Pronto Pizazz has really rocked my piano studio! Finally there are duets that project the kind of songs I love to teach my students…..funky, upbeat, and exciting duets! In all my years of teaching, I have never seen such excitement in my studio. Thank you Jennifer Eklund! These songs could have been written for me because they are my style of music!

  8. I love this book! It has made a difference in my students abilities to count rhythm and have so much fun . Even a beginner sounds amazing! A great additon to recitals. Love the teacher parts. My advanced students are amazing when they learn the teacher duet parts. Thank you Jennifer! Piano pronto is the best!

  9. I LOVE everything I’ve ever played or heard by Jennifer Eklund. How fantastic to have such a rich and interesting book of pieces for students who are just starting out!

  10. I’m having GREAT success with Jennifer’s music in my studio! My students of all ages LOVE her music and I do, too!!!

  11. Love your phrase, no more oom-pah-pah!! That is so true for most supplemental parts!! I don’t have this book, would love to add it to my Jennifer basket! :). :).

  12. I’m pretty new to the Piano Pronto books! I just recently began using them this year, and I so far have really loved each piece and so are my students!! We are having a ton of fun. I have lots more to share with my students as we continue to unfold all the music. We haven’t yet tried any of the duets, so this book would be a wonderful addition to the collection! Thanks Jennifer, for all you are doing every single week!

  13. All my beginning students have this book! Wonderful music with fun accompaniments. Good variety and every one of the pieces are great. A must have in my studio. Even beginners can sound amazing!

  14. After months of searching of new method books that I can use for my studio as replacement for my old ones. I came across with Piano Pronto books and no idea how the music was arranged. Am superb attracted with the cover page and seing on the other hand was a beautiful arrangements. Just contacted Jennifer via email after a month or 2 and decided to purchased books. I got so excited and cant wait to have it on hand so I asked Jennifer to place an order for me since I’m a starter. Now, I got It and even place another order. 🙂

  15. Last week one of my students, a 22 year old boy, came for his lesson and told me from the first second that he was so busy this week and forgot to bring all his stuff and books for our lesson. I tried to be positive and said him, “No problem, now relax and we will do sight reading for whole lesson.” First, let me tell you why he wanted to have lessons at his age. He really wanted to understand how to sight read music so that he will be able to play his favorite music ( from computer games, 80 -th pop, classical, etc). I put in front of him the Pizazz Book and from the first piece we began to sight reading and play duets. At the first moment when he saw how easy the Student parts were, he was a little disappointed. But when we started to play together, his interest and emotions increased more and more. Of course I gave him extra time, and at the end of our lesson he said me: “Wow, that was fun!” And I answered, “Maybe you should forget your stuff at home from time to time and we will do sight reading next time too”. So, this is the reason why I would like to win and present to my big boy student one of the first book by Jennifer Eklund.

  16. Students love Jennifer’s music. It’s energetic with patterns that fall easily under the hand and fingers.

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