ASMTA Conference- Coming Soon!

The Arizona State Music Teachers Conference is coming the May 28-30, 2015! Ever wanted to come to Arizona? You should! Did you know that all the ASMTA conference info on my blog? You can find it on this page. I update as new information comes in!

I’m really excited about this conference. There a lot of GREAT presentations in store. Our theme this year is…



Jeremy Siskind is the concert artist and will also be presenting a couple sessions.

Arizona attorney, Susan Dallimore, Esq. will also be speaking to us about the Antitrust for Music Teachers after the FTC v. MTNA. This should be an informative presentation.

Though the theme is Jazz it Up, there are many other presentation topics that will interest all. I personally will be presenting on Engaged Learning. I’m super excited to share this presentation as it should be beneficial for all.

You can see the list of presenters and the current schedule (this will be updated again soon) and much more here. Hope you can make it!

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