$3 Thursday!

Does this look familiar…?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.35.33 PMYou were able to download a sample pack of it last month in the MIOSM rhythm book! But for TODAY only you can own the COMPLETE pack for only $3.00. That’s half off!

A bunch of music teachers are joining together and doing a one day sale for some $3 Thursday deals. Just search $3ThursdayMusicFlashSale on TpT to see all the deals!

Be sure to take advantage of the Complete Rhythm Clap Backs Pack for half off as this deal won’t happen again. This is a great pack to use in a group lesson, workshop, bring a friend day, centers and more!

The complete pack includes 20 rhythm slides/cards, 4 rhythm notation worksheets and a memory game! If you like the complete pack, you may want to also look at the I Have You Have Rhythm Clap back game.

Now let’s get clapping! Click the pictures above or below and enjoy!

$3 Thursday

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