Supersonics Piano: Flowing Fantasies


This morning I listened to each piece in Daniel McFarlane’s new releases in the Flowing Fantasies MegaPack. You can say I started my morning off right. If you have a student that gravitates towards lyrical pieces you will want to take advantage of these packs.

While you can buy the individual packs, I would highly recommend getting the complete MegaPack. If you don’t have intermediate to advanced students you will want those pieces for yourself. The MegaPack includes:

Flowing Fantasies Pack 1 (Early Intermediate – Grade 2 Australia/UK)

Flowing Fantasies Pack 2 (Early Intermediate/Intermediate – Grades 2&3 Australia/UK)

Flowing Fantasies Pack 3 (Intermediate – Grade 4 Australia/UK)

Flowing Fantasies Pack 4 (Late Intermediate/Early Advanced – Grades 5&6 Australia/UK)

All the pieces are studio-licenced and on sale for 50% off until Wednesday, May 6th! WOW!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.32.20 AM

After listening two the last two pieces in the last pack, “Lift Me Up” and “Light Up My Life” and I can officially say I am now motivated for my day. Start your day off right by taking advantage of the sale on these beautiful and uplifting pieces here!

You may also be interested to know about a couple of other recent releases, both of which are duets. Check out Brother John Duet and London Bridge duet. Both fun duets are perfect for a beginner to play either with the teacher or a sibling. Enjoy!

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