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If you ever purchase anything on TpT, you will want to download this FREE infographic, TpT Buyers Guide: Insider Tips for Buyers. It is packed with helpful information for the TpT buyer. Perfect timing with the TpT sale going on right now!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.59.10 PM

Inside you will find:

  • Product Info (How to know what you are buying before you buy)
  • How to Leave Fair Feedback (i.e.: Rating a seller down for something you “wish” for isn’t leaving fair feedback. Instead it is better to suggest your wish to them in the Q & A or messaging them instead.)
  • Freebies (How to get them, etc.)
  • The Secret Benefits of Following (This is a big one!)
  • Taming Technology (Ever had a tech issue and wasn’t sure what to do about it?)
  • Lasting Benefits (Things Sellers Appreciate from their Buyers)
  • Helpful Hints

Also included in this file are some helpful bonus tips/TpT links like:

  • How to Earn Credits Towards Future Purchases
  • How to Buy Multiple Licenses
  • General Technical FAQ
  • How to Sign Up for the TpT Newsletter

Click here to download this very helpful infographic. Thank you Melody Payne and Jennifer Hibbard for creating it and ALL the other TpT sellers who contributed.

And just a reminder the TpT sale ends tomorrow! 20% off PLUS another 10% when you use the code: Thank You

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