Exciting Things Coming Soon!

It’s been super busy behind the scenes over here. Several of you have asked when the new practice incentive program will be ready and I have good news! It will be released this weekend! WHOOHOO!!!

Thank you so much for your patience! I was hoping to have it out the beginning of this week but I was in the middle of a huge blog update and along with a few other things, caused some set backs! I promise it will be sooooo worth the wait! Here are a couple more sneak peak pictures if you missed some of them on Facebook… plus a new one! Canyon Creek Media made the whole green screen idea a possibility! So fun!


Rockin’ the wig cap!


Behind the scenes! Canyon Creek Media made this happen!


What do you think? Should I go blond?

Magical Lute Quest

One of the scenes from The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest!

Speaking of blog update…

First, if you haven’t gone directly to FPSResources.com, check it out! I have been wanting to do a big update to the blog awhile back and then realized this is never going to get done unless I hire someone to do it for me. So who to better ask but Bryn Sowash with Skitterbug! She has been great to work with, I would highly recommend her. We are in the final phase and I am so excited!

Something you will notice when visiting is I now have a exclusive newsletter for my email subscribers! I have a lot to celebrate over the next month so you will want make sure you sign up for my email list. (This is different than signing up to receive emails for updated blog posts.) My email/newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive tips, specials, freebies, resources and more so you won’t want to miss out!

Sign up HERE!

Word Celebration With Fireworks As New Years Or Independance

What I will be celebrating soon…

– Updated blog look!

-500+ followers on TpT!

-1,000 followers on Facebook (only 5 more to make this official- WOW!)

-My Birthday!

Don’t miss out and be sure to subscribe to the email list now!

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