I’m happy to announce that the FPSResources store can now be found on

This will allow you to download your product immediately after purchasing. In the store you will find helpful resources available to download starting at FREE and up.

Top 3 Benefits of following FPSResources on TpT (plus a bonus):

1) Notified of new products

2) 20% off all new products the first 24 hours they are available!

3) Exclusive discounts and freebies for TpT followers!

BONUS: When you purchase on TpT. You receive FREE updates on your purchases! You will always have the latest update of a product you bought. (This is a huge money saver!)

If you download something, please remember to leave some positive feedback. When you leave feedback you will earn credits towards future purchases! It is very important to me to receive all 4.0’s on my products. If you feel that you cannot leave all 4.0’s, please email me at before you leave feedback so I can rectify the problem first.

Thank you!


I have a few favorite books, DVD’s, etc… that you can find at Amazon that have served as resources in my group lessons and camps well. Thought I would share. Click on the link below… Widgets

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    • Hi Judi, Those were actually included in the MiniMusic kit that Kjos sells. I have bought another floor staff by TCW Resources which Kjos now sells many of their products, so I would guess they would have that as well.

  10. I tried to purchase your new practice incentive program and get the free game but I couldn’t. I am on vacation and only have my mobile device available. When I went to purchase the program today on your birthday discount the teachersoayteachers said the ability to use a mobile device is not available yet. Could I get the discount when I can get to a computer?

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