Christmas Stinky Stockings Game

This week I have been polishing up my lesson plans for our studio Christmas camp which will start the first week of December. Just in the nick of time, Wendy Stevens has released a Christmas version of her fun game, Stinky Stockings!


Stinky Stockings is a fun interactive “hot potato” style game that will be a holiday hit in your studio! Find a Christmas stocking, toss in the cards, turn on some music and start passing! When the music stops, a student pulls out a card and does what the card says.

There are 7 different card topics in this game. Divided into two levels, this game is perfect for beginning, elementary and early intermediate students. 

Singing– Singing a Christmas song without using the words (lah, tah, etc…) and in an articulation or dynamic. 

Finish a Tune Challenge– Singing the first line of a Christmas song and someone else finishes. 

Stinky Stockings Sample5

Acting– Acting out a Christmas character, person or group of people.

Theory– Answering a theory question that relates to a Christmas song.

Stinky Stockings Sample12

Stinky Stockings Sample4

Christmas Riddle– This one is fun! 3 things are given and the student needs to find the common denominator.

Stinky Stockings Sample3 Lvl1

Playing– A student plays a short sight-reading line with another student guessing what the Christmas piece is.

Stinky Stockings Sample10Stinky Stockings Sample11

White Elephant– White Elephant stirs the game up. Just when students are getting comfortable earning their cards, the white elephant card may have them pass them all to their right.

During the game, most of the cards have the opportunity to earn what is called the Bonus Card. The goal is to earn as much cards as possible (to win!) and bonus cards helps not only the student that was able to pull a card from the stocking, but another student who is actively listening, participating and answers correctly. This in turn gets ALL students engaged in the game.

Whether or doing a Christmas camp, a group lesson or a Christmas recital party- this is an easy game to include in your plans! Matter of fact, you can even use most of these cards at your holiday parties with family and friends! Just simply remove the cards that wouldn’t be relevant. (I think I may just do this with my extended family this year!)

Wendy Stevens has given a special coupon code for all my rockin’ readers! Just enter the code FoxxRox to get $1.00 off Stinky Stockings! The code is good until this Tuesday, November 26th. 

You can go straight here to order the game, or check out all that Wendy has in her store here. Be sure to stay in touch with Wendy on her Facebook page!